The red son of destiny: The Japanese legend that everyone should know.

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In the world, there are too many legends, some of the terror, others that serve as learning and some that reveal the true meaning of love. In the latter case, we know of the existence of a well-known Japanese history not only in Asian territory but also in the rest of the continents. It is the legend of the red thread, which unites two twin souls destined to be together in spite of everything.

According to the Japanese, all people have a red thread tied on the little finger and this, in turn, is knotted on another person’s finger. There are certain circumstances that indicate that we are facing the person who is destined to us and we have to be very attentive, because sometimes many subjects find their life companion and do not value their stay, distancing them for their bad actions.

How can we know that we have known the person united to us by the thread?
Maybe at the beginning it will be a bit difficult to differentiate the feelings that you may have towards that person, because you may think it is temporary, but then you will realize that every time you have it in front of you, your heart starts beating very quickly, your pupils dilate, you feel those butterflies in your stomach and you do not have an exact idea of why those things happen to you.

In fact, it is very likely that you experience shyness, then eventually everything will be clear to you because something transient can never be as strong as what you feel for that person.

Usually, these people have the same dreams and goals, they are synchronized in many ways and they complement each other quite well. Sometimes they start being friends and over time their relationship becomes much closer, to the point of not being able to avoid wanting to be close to each other and end up being together.

Have you found that special person yet?
They may have some differences, everyone has them, but the idea is to know how to resolve the conflict and be in tune because even though the red thread connects us with people very similar to us, nobody tends to be the same. Keep in mind that this is one of the main causes of separation, so learn to listen and notice when something goes wrong. Read more 9 relaxation games to raise emotionally strong children!

Now, if they are not together anymore, do not think that the thread will break because it will not. He exists to unite the twin souls and for no reason will that modality change. So if you are no longer with your dreamed partner, but at some point in your life you find it again, do not hesitate to go for it and give everything for everything , because not all the time you will have a new opportunity to love, much less when You know that with that person you have lived and experienced the best moments of your life.

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