Lemons in your bedroom could save your life. Look why!

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Lemons, besides being citrus fruits rich in proteins, minerals and essential nutrients to keep the body in constant movement, is one of the components that attract good energies and absorb bad ones, so that both your body and your home or work remain free of negative vibrations. These fruits are used in feng shui and Buddhism to ward off wicked spirits and placing them in your room can change your life.

Many cultures have argued that after performing energy rituals with fresh lemons their lives have changed radically for good, they stop feeling stress, changing emotions and body heaviness. Do you want to know how to remove all the negative things, entities and thoughts from your life? Take note and pay attention to the following indications that we will provide in this post.

Rituals with lemon to improve your spiritual energy

Lemon with salt:
To prepare this ritual, you have to take a fresh lemon and cut it into a cross, then, in each of the pieces you will place salt in grains and unify everything so that the salt is just inside the citrus.

After this step, you will close it and place it under your bed, in the center of your table or in a corner of the entrance of your house, so you will achieve that all the negative vibrations, evil entities, bad thoughts and heavy loads are absorbed by the fruit and only the positive energies, love, prosperity and abundance remain in the environment.

Do it for 3 days in a row and you will see the change quickly.

Travel with lemon:
This is a fairly simple rite because all you have to do is look for a lemon and place it in your wallet before leaving the house and take it throughout the day there, you will notice when you get home that it has dried up.

This is because in the street there is too much pressure on the part of all people and we tend to absorb those energies, then, before those vibrations adhere to our body and spirit, the citrus attracts them. Read more Mindful Running Safety Tips for Older Runners

Lemon juice:
You can use the juice of a lemon and mix it with purified water to clean your amulets or accessories, so you move away the heavy loads, bad thoughts and entities that surround you.

Citrus leaves:
There is a belief that if you prepare an infusion of lemon leaves and drink before going to bed every night for 7 days, increase sexual potency forever. There are people who have used it and their results have appeared since the first day.

Energy properties of lemon
The lemon is able to attract love, prosperity, abundance, your deepest desires and the people you love most in your life, all because the fruit comes from the element of water, which is known to be purified.

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