Lose weight and fill up with energy doing these 4 steps in the morning!

Diets are excellent to improve our diet, lose weight, avoid and treat diseases, and detoxify the body. Morning diet regimens provide a lot of energy to your body, also hydrates and prevents fatigue, muscle pain, insomnia and joint inflammation. It is often difficult to use a diet because you are very used to eating and eating foods with fat or snacks between meals, but it is very necessary to balance our diet so that our health does not decline.

In this opportunity, we bring you some important tricks to lose those extra pounds and boost your energy. It is a food system able to improve your digestion, metabolism and prevent discomfort.

Drink water when you wake up
It is essential that you drink water when you wake up, you can place a glass of water on your bedside table or simply get out of bed and serve. The water must be at room temperature to eliminate stomach acid that occurred in your sleep, most of these acids occur when you do not have a good nighttime food, so you should consider making a change in the food you go to. dine.

Ingests warm water
You can drink fresh water 15 or 20 minutes after having ingested the element at room temperature and then drink cold water during the day. This will keep your body active, hydrated and with a lot of vitality to carry out your daily activities without any problem.

Prepare and drink vegetable juices
The vegetables contain many healing properties ideal for our body, have minerals, nutrients, alkalizing and vitamins capable of helping the immune system, cure sporadic discomforts and treat diseases. Preparing green vegetable juices is simple, you only need:

1 apple
4 carrots

Once you have all the materials for the shake, wash each ingredient, cut into small pieces and proceed to liquefy with just a little water, serve in a glass and drink without adding any type of sweetener.

Prepare a morning toner
This tonic strengthens your organs, deflates joints and muscles, also eliminates body aches and gives you energy because it is very powerful. You need a few roots of ginger to later liquefy them with a fruit, it can be apple, grape or pineapple, you pour the smoothie into a small glass and you ingest it. You do not need to add water or sugar. Read more Mindful Running Safety Tips for Older Runners

Keep in mind that you must have an interval of 15 minutes between each step. While you wait for your meal you can consume some fruits as they will help you stay active and avoid decay by waiting for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fruits can be dry or fresh as long as you do not mix acid fruits with sweets.

Use this diet and your weight and health will improve in a short time. If this post has helped you and you plan to carry out the steps, do not hesitate to leave us your results in the comments section. Spread in your social networks!

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This is what happens in your body when you consume 3 grams of ginger. Wonderful!

Ginger is a root known worldwide because it provides a great aroma and flavor to foods. However, it is also widely used in natural medicine since ancient times because it has excellent properties that benefit the body.

It is known as “the root of the miracle” because it allows you to improve and alleviate multiple diseases. Its compounds help you heal colds, coughs, sore throats and even e used in some natural remedies against cancer.

Recent studies have been conducted in which the Euro-American Network Cooperation for Sustainable Development shows what changes your body experiences once you consume only 3 grams of ginger.

Ginger and its benefits for the human organism

Depending on the amount of time that has elapsed since the ginger was consumed, different processes can occur in your body. Here we will show you what they are and how long they are ingested.

1. At the time of consuming ginger:

Ginger will give your stomach a thermal effect, causing the symptoms of stomach problems to reduce considerably. The organism will also absorb all the nutrients and repair the damaged cells.

2. Within two hours of consuming ginger:

Stops inflammation in the body, which is ideal for those with arthritis. Relieves gastrointestinal discomfort Controls dizziness and nausea. Combats cancer cells and prevents colon cancer. Improves menstrual cramps. Avoid migraines Activates the burning of fat and accelerates metabolism. Read more Mindful Running Safety Tips for Older Runners

It is important to know how this root should be consumed, we will teach you how to do it properly.

The best way is an infusion. Heat a cup of water and when it breaks boil, remove from heat and add 3 grams of chopped ginger. Let rest for five minutes and strain. Sweeten with honey.

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Natural remedies to heal pain in the heels

The inflammations in the feet have become more and more common in every corner of the world, it is almost a custom to end up with pains in the heels thanks to a long and heavy workday or studies, but although it is common it does not mean that Do not get to have severe consequences. Plantar fasciitis can become very dangerous if the necessary precautions and attention are not taken. It is necessary to medicate yourself with anti-inflammatories or to resort to natural remedies to relieve pain in the heels.

Each person suffers this discomfort in a different way. Some may feel mild pain, others suffer from strong and unbearable discomfort that even stop the subject from standing.Fortunately, in this content, we will provide you with the necessary information to alleviate this inconvenience.

Cure plantar fasciitis with the following natural methods

Use the use of ice:
Wrap several ice cubes in a cloth and pass it slowly all over the sole of your foot, leaving it longer on the heel. If you like it, you can hail the ice. The ice is perfect to reduce inflammation and relieve muscle, joint and other discomforts of any part of the body. You have to repeat this procedure at least 3 times a day.

Massages with arnica oil:
This type of oil is ideal to relieve and relieve any part of the body. In fact, its menthol properties make the painful area relax quickly because it has a refreshing cold sensation. You should rub the essential oil on the affected area and use a gentle and firm message from the top down for 10 minutes, then rub a little more of the remedy and let your skin absorb it. It is recommended that you perform this process before going to bed because the oil relaxes so much that it induces sleep.

Morning massages:
The best way to relieve the muscles in massage, however, the benefits multiply when they are carried out during the mornings, preferably before leaving home either to go to work, place of study or any diligence. Friction from the heel to the toes with your thumb slowly and slowly, but exerting a little pressure to regulate circulation.

This is one of the most common methods, it is about completely bandaging the feet with a bandage large enough to fully cover each foot. This you must do during the day and try to stay with the bandage all day. The bandage should be a little tight so that the pains disappear.

Rubs with frozen bottles:
Place the container on your foot and pass it so that the cold penetrates the skin of the sole of the foot and the discomfort decreases little by little until it simply disappears.

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