9 relaxation games to raise emotionally strong children!

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Nowadays, it is very difficult for parents to educate their children to be strong emotionally, as more and more technology gets all the attention of children.

That is why it is essential that as parents always encourage their small relaxation techniques through breathing, games or exercises so that children learn to deal with the bad situations that they will inevitably witness in their lives and focus on the It really matters.

Next, in this article, we will show you 9 amazing relaxation techniques that will help your little ones to be emotionally strong in a fun and effective way.

What you must do to make your children emotionally strong

1.- The game of the balloon.

This technique will help the little ones to relax while enjoying a good time. You only need a few colored balloons and inflate one until it explodes. Then, inflate another and let it go by expelling the air so that you manipulate the mouthpiece of the balloon.

When you have finished with the balloons, ask the children to close their eyes and imagine that they are balloons while they take a breath and that they eject it little by little as if they were balloons.

2.- Blowing candles.

This technique consists in that the little ones learn to breathe deeply. You should only light 3 candles and ask the children to turn them off by inhaling and exhaling strongly. Once the children have done this technique several times, you can choose to ask them to sit in a chair about 2 meters away from the candles so they have a greater degree of difficulty when trying to turn them off. Read more Mindful Running Safety Tips for Older Runners

3.- Progressive relaxation.

For this technique, you should look for a video based on Koeppen relaxation, which consists of listening to background music that provides a state of peace, as well as following relaxation instructions.

4.- The game of the seed.

You just have to play relaxing music and a dim light. Then, ask them to kneel on the floor with their heads down and their arms extended to the front. This is so that they start their imagination thinking that they are big and strong trees with beautiful branches and fruits. It is advisable to perform this technique at night before going to sleep.

5.- The story of the turtle.

This technique will help children boost their self-control skills. The story is about a little turtle that was bothered by everything, but one day when she was alone she decided to talk to a turtle that was passing by, so that turtle told her a secret so that she managed to control her bad temper by eliminating all the negative thoughts.The secret was to get into her shell and count until she calmed down.

6.- The calm container.

This technique consists of putting water, liquid silicone and glitter in an airtight plastic canister. Once you are ready you should wave it and ask the children to observe the movements while you explain that each glitter represents their emotions, which are agitated by different situations.

7.- Blow the giant ball.

This technique consists of blowing up a small ball of Unicel, which will have a lot of fun while relaxing them at the same time.

8.- Crumple sheets of paper (newspaper, magazine, etc.).

This technique is excellent for stress because it helps develop motor skills by strengthening the muscles of the hands.

9.- Painting mandalas.

This technique, in addition to relaxing the little ones, also helps them develop their capacity for concentration and creativity.

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