20 things that every father should do with his daughter.

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Psychologists have determined that more than 80% of the female population is usually closer to parents and not mothers, this because they see in the father figure an example to follow and its life engine.

This is the main reason why all parents should make sure to do the following 20 things with their daughters since they are at an early age.

20 aspects that parents should follow to raise their children

Be loving with your wife:
In this way, she will grow up in an environment full of love and that is what she will want in her life, to be loved.

Be interested in your ideals:
If she notices that you are interested in anything concerning her, her confidence in you will grow.

She will grow:
Although in front of your eyes she will always be your little girl, she will grow up and want to live her life just as you and her mother did.

Have him externalize his talents:
Whether it’s in any branch of art or what she likes to do, support her to feel confident in herself.

Do activities together:
You can bathe her, comb her, you can even dress her. Create a close bond with your daughter and you will see that their relationship will be strengthened.

Fill it:
Maybe not all the time, but sometimes without forgetting that she also has to fight to get her things herself.

Dance together:
These types of actions are of great value to girls. Do not wait for it to grow so do it now.

Strengthens your self-esteem:
Make her feel beautiful and in the future, she will not have complexities with her physical appearance and will grow completely sure of herself.

Teach him to defend himself:
Make sure you teach him enough that no one will abuse him physically or mentally.

Tell him how smart he is:
Although it is not enough that you only tell her, she tries to educate her very well so that she learns that education and studies are fundamental for women.

Never be ashamed of her:
If you like sports, attend each of your matches or championships, show her that she can achieve what she wants just like any child.

Spend all your birthdays with your daughter:
The fact that you accompany her on each birthday is very special for your daughter, do not underestimate that date.

Calm it when you have nightmares:
Try to calm your nerves and if it is to let her sleep with you and her mother, leave her.

Advise her:
Pay attention when you have problems and help her to solve them, even if it is something unimportant, for your daughter has some weight. Read more Mindful Running Safety Tips for Older Runners

Have fun together:
Try to make the best memories with her. Gifts can be thrown away at any time, memories can not.

Do not ignore it:
Never underestimate her problems, because even if they are very tiny for you, they overwhelm her.

Enjoy your company:
Especially in your childhood, because it may change with you as a teenager, it is normal for that to happen. Follow your side despite everything.

Make details:
Simple things that she can give you great value, those are what you should give her on special occasions.

Trust her:
Let him know that although he may be wrong, you respect his thoughts, always being cordial and careful.

Do not be hard with your love relationship:
Keep in mind that she will grow up and fall in love, so do not be too hard on her, try to make her a great example.

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